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1. Indiana's Lt. Governor Honors Madison Came Running Website.
2. Heather Guntrum Aprimo Vice President.
3. IU East Professor Jean Harper's 1968 Explosion Documentary.
4. ING Specialist Jon Menke Returns to Madison.
5. Salute To Madison Basketball Stars.
6. Speaking Of History - 1954!
7. Yunker Dolls & Pearl Packing Story - History!
8. Madison's "Music Man" - Dr. David Butler.
9. Ralph Asks - Where Is It - Larry Stewart Has The Answer.
V. Emilie Todd Helm Story - "Lincoln's Little Sister!"
W. How One Madisonian Views His Home Town.
X. Regatta Tragety.
Y Connecticut School Shooting

Z. From (Ft. Wayne) Reader Of Madison Came Running.

Indiana's Lieutenant Governor Honors Madison Came Running:

May 15th Ceremonies In The Indiana State House Rotunda Honored The Madison Came Running Website For Its Tourism Contribution In The Madison Area.

Robert Cline - Rita Cline - Lt. Governor Skillman

Congratulations To MCR's Granddaughter, Heather Guntrum:

Heather has been employed in a responsible position at Aprimo, an Integrated Marketing Software Firm in the Indianapolis area, for over three years. Two days ago the Company President announced Heather's promotion to Executive Vice President for Aprimo's Worldwide Customer Care.

Over the past year Heather has championed support advancement for Aprimo's customers along with solving a multitude of customer issues with her personal engagement.

Recently Heather visited her Mother's Dove Cottage, in Madison, and we present a snap shot taken of (Granddaughter) Heather holding (Great-granddaughter) Eva Marie.

Heather Guntrum & Daughter Eva Marie

Rita would share our pride.

IU East Professor Jean Harper Takes MCR "Back To The Future" -

Staff traveled to Indiana University East, recently, to witness a movie documentary written and directed by Professor Harper - Titled "1:47" -

The film's premiere transported its audience back to April 6, 1968, when a terrific Saturday afternoon explosion in Marting Arms, downtown Richmond, killed 41 individuals, injured dozens more, and forever changed the face of this city located west of the Ohio Line on the National Road. We were there!

Pre-Explosion Downtown Richmond, Indiana

"Professor Jean Harper's Production"
April 6, 1968

"Ground Zero"

Aerial View April 6th

"Back" to 2008 - Professor Jean Harper chose MCR Staff as one of the guest narrators in the documentary and we comment:

"One leaves the theater having witnessed something very special about a 1968 tragedy in downtown Richmond - forever changing lives, and without a doubt the event itself (and now 1:47) leaves an indelible mark."

Presented to "MCR Readers" remembering victims and rescue efforts.
Credit "Death In A Sunny Street" Esther Kellner.

National Guard Specialist Jon Menke Returns To Madison

Police Escort

Jon Menke's Casket Passes Clifty & Craigmont
"Hearse Surrounded By Indiana State Police Motorcycle Honor Patrol"

From ING Colonel (Retired) James White Of IUPUI
Sent To Honor Jon Menke's Service

Many Thanks!
Ronnie Kane (PE 1134) and The NRCC Network for picking up the above item and sending it "Round The World" on his Website plus the ITA Current Events Page.

Jonathon D. Menke

Salute To Madison Basketball:

Dee Monroe - 1949 Indiana "Mr. Basketball"

Madison Came Running presents the "North Goal" at Brown Gym where great players like Dee Monroe and Harold "Pee Wee" Lakeman scored goals during memorable "Championship" years.

North Goal - Brown Gym - Downtown Madison

When "High School Basketball Championship" had meaning, prior to the present class-basketball jumble - Just ask "Bobby Plump" -

Who's Bobby Plump? - You don't know? - Check the next item -

Speaking Of Hoosier Basketball History!

The "Old" Milan Watertower is a bit weather-worn - Check it's Message.

Milan Beats Muncie Central 32-30

"Bobby Plump"

Historic Madison Photos:

From The Heritage Museum & Files Of Vicki Fewell!
A "Doll Collection from Madison's Past -

Inside -

Daughter Of Augustus Yunker

Georgine's Doll & Carriage

For our Out-of-Town Readers, Georgine's father, Augustus (Gus) Yunker, was the founder of Pearl Packing a major Madison Industry of times past.

Our Readers Respond!

From the files of Vicki Fewell & Her Mom - Marcella Fewell -
Pearl Packing - Madison History -

Pearl Packing Truck

Pearl Packing & Section Of Madison

Thanks to Vicki Fewell for Checking MCR & Sending the "P-P" Photos.

Madison's Music Man - Dr. David Butler:

Playing in the Doctor's Band & SoundZ Like Dixleland -

David Butler, DDS

Remember When:

A previous administration "toyed" with the idea of moving Crystal Beach to the Hilltop, until Bob Hughes stepped forward at a Brown Gym meeting and said, CB should to stay in Downtown Madison - It remains at Vaughn & Broadway.

Crystal Beach "Caper"

Then - a former County Officer stated his greatest contribution was moving the County Health Office to the Hilltop. Wow!

Lets not forget a directive from Indiana's Governor that all State Offices were to remain in the Center of Indiana's Cities & Towns - Whoops, Madison's license branch apparently missed the Governor's mark. It moved from Jefferson Street to the Hilltop.

Now - Ray Black and others, according to the Courier, want to join the Senior Citizen's Center to an existing facility - where - of course on the Hilltop.

Oh, we understand the need and value of the Hilltop, but if it were not for Downtown Madison, there would be no Hilltop. Sometimes tough for Clifty Drive Folks to swallow.

Our credentials? Shopped in Madison in the 1930's, learned to swim at Crystal Beach in 1940, and married by Reverand Frank Templin on West Main in 1948....for starters. Dedicated to promoting Madison by this Website.

Anyway that's how we see this matter and call upon Bob Hughes (perhaps) or someone to step forward, once again, to help save Downtown Madison.

From Ralph Davis - Who Asks - Where Was It?

"Are The Street Cars A Hint?"

For Ralph - Larry Stewart Answers -
It was located on Park Ave between Ferry Street and Second St. Many of the buildings and/or the foundations remain.

When I was a kid Koehler Marine Supply was located in one of the buildings near the Ferry Street end, Madison Machine in the middle part and a Farm Supply Operation (the name escapes me now) in the most western part (with the store windows).

I worked part-time at the Koehler Marine Supply Company and Dad always referred to the property as "The Brewery."

Part Two.

Larry Writes -
The Madison Brewery was the eastern end of the line for the trolley. The trolley turn-around was at the top of Ferry Street.

When I was a kid there was still a large stone watering trough left over from the trolley days. The horses were unhitched and watered at the trough while the trolley operator spun the trolley around for the journey West.

From - Dorothy Jones - Local Writer:

"Dot" Jones presented Madison Came Running and its staff with an autographed copy of her historical writing, shown below by scanning the book's cover. It is with pleasure MCR features her work on this Website..

The book is a true story of a woman living in the 19th and 20th centuries. It traces her lineage and covers her connection and association to President Abraham Lincoln; plus some history and heart-breaks of the Civil War.

Once the reader begins, the story takes on the "likeness" of a mystery, and if the reader has interest in the Civil War, he/she will be stopped for a moment when the Battle of Chickamauga rises from the pages.

MCR could go on and on, but we recommend you read Dorothy Jones' book, and it can be obtained at the Madison Visitors Center or the Jefferson County Historical Society.

Discover why the following photograph (it's also in the book) is important in Emilie's life, and learn why President Lincoln called Emilie Todd Helm, his "Little Sister?"

Emilie Todd Helm House
610 West Main Steet - Madison, Indiana

The Author - Dorothy Jones:
Graduate of Purdue and teacher in Crawfordsville for 28 years. Arriving in Madison in the mid-40's, she has been active in projects of the Visitors Center and the Historical Society all her "adopted" Madison years. BTW she's MCR's neighbor.

How One Madisonian Sees His Community:

The City of Madison shouldn't be an empty shell of a city of yesterday with a few boutiques and souvenir shops. It could and should be a vital, living and growing city of tomorrow where people can embrace community values and enjoy the self-evident truths of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The anonymity of large cities where people are separated from family, friends and neighbors is a major contributing factor to children feeling isolated, alone and free to seek lives of crime and illegal drugs.

A tight knit community catches a lot of these lost souls before they get too far off track that they can't return to society.

All across the Nation real estate developers are attempting to replicate what the people of Madison are throwing away in double handfuls when they let community services scatter to the Hill Top.

Downtown Madison

Regatta July 2nd, 2006:

Late Sunday Afternon -

An automobile came "speeding" South on Jefferson Street, crashed through a flimsy wire and slat fence, then proceeded down the Ohio River Embankment, where a number of spectators were sitting and came to rest in the Ohio River, near the Indiana Shore.

It is reported 11 people, spectators and the vehicle's driver, were injured in the crash with two female spectators taken to Intensive Care Units in Louisville, Kentucky Hospitals.

The "Man On The Street" Asks -

Was the driver drunk?
Was the driver on drugs?
Was he asleep?
Did he aim his car at the crowd?
Was it something else?

It Does Not Matter, What Or Why, It Matters -
He Was Able To Enter The Spectator Area, Almost Un-Impeded!

The Situation -

It "seems" those in charge (?) did not provide adequate spectator protection for what occurred Sunday on Madison's Riverfront.

The fact that "nothing" happened in the past is irrelevant, for there was potential for an automobile or truck to speed down Jefferson Street, Broadway or from another entry way to Vaughn Drive, and cause harm.

Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook School Tragedy:

We've watched Psychiatrists on the Television news outlets, and we've listened to those who propose various approaches to this enroachment on our society (mass killers)....

We listened intently to the President, speaking in Newtown, promising he would use his office to combat this problem, and there is no doubt his office can make an impact.

However, our approach makes a "real and immediate" difference.

We can make "automatic weapons" the instrument of evil, as long as we do not forget "box cutters" killed thousands in the not too distant past.

SWAT is not, in most cases, a realistic solution - when they arrived at Sandy Hook, many children had been murdered - so what can make the needed immediate and positive impact?

Hundreds of daily flights over America have Sky Marshals - Social Security Offices have armed personnel....why SS?

This editor was a member of a Department's First Emergency Response Team, so we speak with some background, and we advocate -

Insert armed, specially trained, "School Marshals" into each school building, and Mr. President if you plan to spend millions (that's what it will take) - summon persons, with this expertise, who can immediately implement a School Marshall Program....Let's Roll!

That's our opinion.

Some Kentucky Schools have a School Resource Officer - SRO.
Their primary role, Student Protection.

News Media Says - From D.C. We Are To Hear About Gun Control:

We didn't hear a thing protecting the lives of children or victims targeted by whackos/home burglars/thugs/rapists, in school or on the streets. We heard a lot of theories and that Chicago has gun violence?

Repeating A Sensible Approach - To Fatal School Shootings:
From Associated Press Story Carried January 4th - Madison Courier.

At last someone in authority has common sense concerning school security. Indiana's Attorney General, Greg Zoeller, supports "School Resource Officers" as a measure to enhance school safety.

What a breath of fresh air, instead of certain politicians, from outside Indiana, who want to make schools safer by "banning" weapon types.

MCR's "Tip Of The Hat" to Indiana Attorney General Zoeller. Something that can be done now - that's our opinion.

"Resource Officers In Schools" Do It Now.

From A Madison Came Running Reader:

Hello Mr. Bean . . .

My name is Michael Adams, and I am from Fort Wayne , Indiana . I work as Assistant Director of Admissions at the Brown Mackie University Campus in Fort Wayne . I have been coming to Madison Indiana for 16 consecutive years; the first time by accident, and the other 15 years to see the Madison Regatta, explore the town, and hike in Clifty Falls State Park . I cannot tell you how Madison , the Regatta, and Clifty Falls have become a big part of my life. Even though I only come to town once a year, I go online everyday to check on my favorite "City Beneath The Hills". In this way I am able to feel connected to Madison and I am able to keep up on all the happenings as if I were there. I frequently imagine myself living in Madison , and I am sure that one day I will be moving to the area. I cannot possibly thank you enough for “Madison Came Running.” I have many, many websites saved on my computer that I visit frequently to stay in touch with Madison , but yours is the one that I look forward to visiting everyday. I like how you change things often and keep it fresh. I really like how you give me pictures of the river so I can see how she’s doing. Even though I am embarrassed to admit it, sometimes when I am looking at all your wonderful pictures, tears will come to my eyes because I miss Madison so much. The month of July cannot get here soon enough for me!

So . . . today, I just felt the need to tell you this: I’m a fan of the city, a fan of “Miss Madison” and the team, and I want to tell you I just might be your biggest fan as well! Again Mr. Bean, thank you so much for keeping me in touch with the place that I hold so dear to my heart . . .

May God bless you and keep you always,
Michael Adams