"Follow The Sign"

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2nd Street West Downtown Madison

Veterans Cemetery Madison

4th Of July Parade Madison's Main Street

ISP Superintendent Konkle Service

IPD Stunt - "A Bit Fuzzy, But Good"

Gold Cup Winner Miss Madison 1971

U6 "Under" The MM Bridge

U6 Thunder Boat From Yesterday

Delta Queen Deck & M/M Bridge

Delta Queen & "Mayor"

Delta Queen Docked At Madison

Queens Docked At Madison Front View

Queens Docked At Madison Rear View

American Queen At Madison's Landing

Mississippi Queen Leaving

Mississippi Queen Passing Walnut Street

"Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee"

Delta Queen & Belle Of Louisville Stewart Collection

Steamboat Captain On Madison's Riverfront

John Morgan's Yacht Near Madison/Milton Bridge

Lanier Mansion State Memorial

Downtown Madison - Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired?

JB's Barn East Of Madison

Hanover College River View

Harvey Oliver's Hideway

Doctors Band - ME Church Steps

Night Photo John Morgan's Home

Madison (Night Photo) From Mary's Point In Ky.

Madison (Day Photo) From Mary's Point In Ky.

Broadway Hotel Bar

High-Lights & Shadows Jefferson County Jail

Cincinnati Bengals Play Here!

Osgood's Damm Theater

Model Hi-Flyer At Jefferson Proving Ground

Copter Takes Off From King's Daughters' Hospital

Jefferson County Museum Caboose

27th Indiana Soldier Lanier Days

War Memorial Near Jefferson County Jail

Our Favorite Civil War Photo - Near Lanier

Madison/Milton Bridge Over The Ohio River

Madison/Milton Bridge Above The Trees

M/M Bridge Through The Fog

Sunrise & Fog Madison/Milton Bridge

New Madison/Milton Bridge

West Main Street Downtown Madison

Winter And "IKE" Smoke Stacks

Winter Fog On (Front Street) Vaughn Drive

Sunset West Vaughn Drive AKA Front Street

Rainy Vaughn Drive West

"Rain Tree" County?

Madison Elks Lodge & Old City Hall Fire

Court House Fire - Before

Court House Fire - During

Court House Fire - After

Hinkle's Downtown Madison

There "Really" Is A MacLane

Parker Hall At Hanover College

Prince Of Peace Church East 2nd Street


I.U. Distinguished Alumni Award - 1999

IU Grad 1947 - 1972 - 1982

"Mayor" On Madison Park Bench

Mandy's Mom Turns 84

Mandy's Mom Holds New 345 McCormick Lane Resident


Mandy's Grandson Ethan Robert

Mandy's Dad "Retired"

"A Trooper's History"

Dave Bursten "ISP PIO" Officer

Troopers Craely David & Kevin Kraemer

248 Astride The ISP Harley

State Police Memorial

Hanover College Security Police

"Put Me In Coach"

Lt. Governor's Tourism Award

Marv Smalley & Jim White - PE 248 Turns 85

4th Of July Parade Watcher

Love On The Riverfront

Quincy Visitors On The Riverfront

Swinging On The Riverfront

"On A Bicycle Built For Two"

John Graham & RC Selling Tickets

AFLAC On Madison's Riverfront

He's Real

Her Grandfather's WWI Uniform

Colonel White

Madison's "Red Door"

Jan Rajski "Photographer"

Cody Mahoney - The Early Years

Cody Mahoney

JR's Favorite - Bill Vukovich 2-Time Indy-500 Winner

Music Men That "Passed"

"Green, Green Grass Of Home"

Black And White

Lionel "Hudson" Steam Locomotive

ME Church Parsonage "Our Day" March 18, 1948

Car 6-7 District 6 Trooper 1948

Connersville Post - 1949

Law & Order In Franklin County

Captain Cline's Inspection At Charlestown Post

Chancellor Wells & Cline Family IUE Graduation

Unit #20

Start Indy 500 1946

Rex Mays

Clay Corbett "One Lap To Death" Salem 1947

A. M. Cline - 1949

Rita Cline - B&O High Bridge Of Osgood

Rita & WWII Jefferson Proving Ground Security

"That's All Folks!"