850 Pixel Photographs

Ethan Robert

Eva Marie

Hoagy Carmichael "Plays" At Madison's Chautauqua

Special Madison Came Running Ladies

Judy Sosnowski - Sunlight & Shadows

Jan Davis - On Madison's Riverfront

Janice Rajski - Visitor/Photographer

Vicki Fewell - Miss/M Booster & Real Madisonian

Marv Smalley & Jim White "Monthly Visit" To MacLane

"Dos Bonito Senoras"

Seņor Grant

Crystal Beach Lifeguards - 2010

Crystal Beach Lifeguards - 2011

Belle Of Cincinnati Passes Madison's Riverfront

River Traffic & Downtown Madison From Kentucky

Delta Queen Deck "JB" Says This Is Our Best Photo

The Delta Queen's Paddle Wheel

The Delta Queen Docked At Madison

Belle Of Louisville Approaches Madison Landing

Belle Of Louisville Docked At Madison

Madison/Milton Bridge From Delta Queen Deck

Madison/Milton Bridge - Vicki Says We "Nailed It"

Hanging Rock Hill

Elks Club & Old City Hall Fire

Approaching Madison Court House Fire From The South

Jefferson County Court House Fire - Clock Tower

Hinkles Fire

Hinkles - The Morning After

West 2nd Street House Fire

Clifty Falls State Park

"Tunnel Of Trees" Clifty Falls State Park

Kris Kristofferson "Sunday Morning Coming Down"

Come To Visit - Stay A Lifetime

"Take Me Home Country Roads"

Madison's Riverfront "Place For Remembering"

"RB&JB Combo"

In Rita's Memory Along The Ohio River In Madison

"River Of Fire"


Harvey Oliver's Night Photo Of Broadway Fountain

"Miss Madison" Gold Cup Winner 1971 - Vintage Boat

Helicopter Filming "Madison The Movie"

Crewman Jimmy Gilbert & Astronaut Dr. Janice Voss

Steve David Passes Madison's Riverfront - 200 MPH

Favorite Steve David Photo - Alone With Thoughts

Cody Mahoney Contemplates His Future

"Madison Came Running Staff" 2011 Regatta


Rita Cline 1948

1949 Long Arm Of The Law - Brookville, Indiana

Inspection Charlestown Post - Madison's Bill Klein

Rita Cline & Jefferson Proving Ground Security WWII

Start 1946 Indy 500 - Henry Ford II Driving Pace Car

Classic Photo - Leon Hubble Franklin Fairground


"In Step" Madison Regatta Parade

Our Lee Iacocca "Candy-Apple-Red" Memory


Wedding Photo

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