"These Are Our Departed Comrades" -
2. Two Osgood Troopers Killed -

"These Are Our Departed Comrades"

Eugene Teague
Paul Minneman
William Dixon
George Forster
Richard England
Herbert Smith
Robert Clevenger
Hubert Rousch
Earl Brown
John Miller
Donald Turner
Marvin Walts
William Kellems
John Powell
Robert Garrison
Robert Gillespie
William Kieser
Oscar Mills
William Rayner
Richard Brown
Robert Lietzan
George Campbell
John Streu
Glen Hosier
William Trees
Lawrence Meyer
Lewis Phillips
Roy Jones
Robert Lather
Steven Bailey
John Hatfull
Michael Greene
Todd Burman
Ralph Reed
Kimberly Epperson
Andrew Winzenread
Patrick Bartram
David Deuter
Richard Gaston
Cory Elson
Jason Beal
Scott Patrick
Gary Dudley
David Rich
Daniel Barrett
Robert Pitcher
In Memory of the Forty-Six (46) Men and Women of the Indiana State Police Department who have lost their lives in "Line of Duty!"
1933 to 2010.

Indiana State Police Memorial

On July 2nd, 2002, American and Indiana Flags were raised over three granite tablets bearing the names of those who died serving the State of Indiana.

An Eternal Flame was lit by Indiana's Governor, the State Police Superintendent and Paulene Schrader the oldest family-survivor present.

Paulene is the daughter of Trooper Paul Minneman who was killed, by the Brady Gang in 1937 near a small Cass County Church, before she was born.

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For a Special Item About "The Madison, Indiana/Logansport, Indiana Connection" Detailing How a Madison Criminal and Member of the Brady Gang Killed State Trooper Paul Minneman of Logansport.
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"Two Osgood Troopers Killed In Line Of Duty"

Osgood, Indiana:

Madison Came Running recognizes and salutes Osgood, Indiana, founded in 1856 and named after a civil engineer for the O&M Railroad, that crossed the plank road from Versailles to Napoleon. This is the same Railroad crossing the "Old Michigan Road" that ran from "Madison" to Lake Michigan at Michigan City, Indiana. A lot of history here, but our Salute, today, takes another route.

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Madison Came Running returns to the 1930's and acknowledges Osgood as one source of history for the Indiana State Police Department, starting when Osgood Resident, Walter "Hot John" Eckert joined the ISP, at its very beginning, rising from Motorcycle Patrolman to Department Executive Officer.

Major Eckert

Walter Eckert was first of several Osgood Personages who joined and served with the State Police Department, but we turn attention to two Osgood Troopers who gave their lives in the line of duty, not only for Osgood, but for all of Indiana --

They are the catalyst for this story.

December 18, 1966


April 25, 1997

Trooper William R. Rayner:
Trooper Rayner was working night patrol on a highway between Greensburg and Batesville where he stopped a vehicle with out of state plates, unaware the vehicle had been stolen. As the two occupants exited the vehicle by the driver's door the passenger fired shots killing Trooper Rayner. A Deputy Sheriff was with Trooper Rayner and fatally wounded one suspect. The shooter fled but was captured a few hours later.

Trooper Andrew P. Winzenread:
Trooper Winzenread was on I-74 in Decatur County and stopped to assist a motorist who had ran out of gas. Returning to the stranded vehicle after obtaining gas for the motorist, he was struck and killed by a semi-outfit as he exited the patrol car.

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