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Officer Frank J. Knoebel Killed In Line Of Duty
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This page is a tribute to the memory of Officer Frank J. Knoebel of the Madison City Police Department who was killed, in line of duty, December 30th, 1930.

Officer Frank Knoebel lost his life investigating a suspicious person in the basement of the Odd Fellows Building on Mulberry Street that December Day.

Frank Knoebel was killed by Walter Carlin, age 29, a local resident, and the shooting and struggle between Officer Knoebel and Carlin was witnessed by the Odd Fellows Hall Janitor, Archie Moore. Immediately following the shooting Madison Police Chief Charles Stewart arrested Charles Carlin for this crime.

Officer Knoebel was taken to the local hospital where he died within 30 minutes. Carlin was tried and convicted of his murder and sentenced to be electrocuted. His sentence was later communted, and Carlin was released from prison in 1949.

By this item Madison Came Running salutes the present and past Madison Departments who serve and who have served the City of Madison, plus MCR thanks Madison Police Officer Yancy Denning for the use of his notes in our item about the Frank Knoebel Shooting. Additional details can be found on the Madison Police Department's Web Page on our Mast! (RB)

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