This Page Has Madison-Related Vintage Boat Items:

1. Meet "Bill Fisk" Vintage Hydroplane Pilot.
2. Billy Sterett Jr. Killed At Owensboro.

Vintage Hydroplane Item - Meet Bill Fisk:

One thing about putting together issues of "Madison Came Running" - It introduces our Staff to interesting and quality folks, and this Item is going to touch a bit on one of those individuals encountered.

He's from Rochester, New York and comes onto our Page by way of Hydroplane Racing, both the Unlimited and the Vintage Limited Variety.

By a photograph, taken on Madison's Riverfront, we present this Item's Personage - "Bill Fisk" -

Bill Fisk

Our first encounter with Bill Fisk was on Madison's Riverfront where he was about to launch his Limited Vintage Hydroplane, the "Irishman", into competition waters of the Ohio River during 2002 Regatta Activities.

In the next photograph we see Bill saluting a crowd while piloting the Grand Prix Vintage Hydroplane he and Judy purchased in 1997.

The "Irishman"

But competition was (apparently) in Bill's Blood a number of years before coming to Madison in 2002, when he and wife Judy entered Boat Racing by purchasing their first 280 Class Vintage Hydroplane "Budget Buster", in 1990. This was followed by the acquisition of a 150 Class Hydroplane called "Came To Play", in 1992.

Suffice it to say, "Bill & Judy Were Off To The Races!"

In years following the above acquistions Bill and Judy launched their Vintage Hydroplanes at a lot of Racing Venues, and in 1999 Bill was asked to bring the "Irishman" to the Ohio River at Madison and take part in the movie "Madison" where it was being filmed.

About this time Bill Fisk adopted Madison's Riverfront as a launching pad for some of his Boat Racing pursuits, and to broaden involvment he moved into the world of Unlimited Hydros - Bill became a "Miss Madison" Crewmember.

Here's Bill on the "Circle Track" -

"Champion Kart Driver"

Another Vintage Hydroplane Item:

Billy Sterett Jr. Killed At Owensboro, Kentucky -

From Joe Johnson - Madison Vintage Chairman -
"Champion Hydroplane Driver, Billy Sterett Jr. lost his life Saturday, June 26th, while testing the H-35 Petti's Pet. The boat hit a roller in the river."

Billy Sterett Jr.

Billy Sterett Jr. is remembered as a competitor of Unlimited, Limited, and Vintage Events. He was considered the "Ambassador of the Vintage & Historic Raceboat Circuit" - And he died testing for the upcoming Madison Regatta, Bob Snelling Memorial Event.

Billy's Boat, the H-1 "Miss Crazy Thing" had blown a motor, and he was in Travis Hickman's 7-Litre Hydro at the time of the accident that sent the H-35 to the bottom of the Ohio River.

Joe Johnson:
"The Vintage family has lost one of our dedicated & prized possessions, and I have lost a true friend" -

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