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Madison Came Running Presents A Madison "Hot Shoe" - Jon Peddie

He's A Racer & He Has Driven:

The Miss Madison U6 Unlimited Hydroplane -
Other Unlimited Hydroplanes -
Sprint Cars on the (dangerous) high banks at Salem -
Sprint cars on regular Indiana ovals -
Modified Stock Cars -
Midget Racers -
Regular Stock Cars -

In auto racing He was a champion.
In boat racing He was a winner and hard charger.
In the racing world He would stand on the gas!
In the racing world He was a Hot Shoe!

He accomplished the almost impossible by going directly from Sprint Racing Cars to Unlimited Hydroplanes, and He was almost killed, several years ago, when The Dobson (U18) Unlimited Hydroplane exploded on the Detroit River.

He was (and still is) a student of Madison's late-great "Wild Bill" Cantrell - Cantrell a racing legend in Hydroplanes, Sprint Cars, and the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. MCR will write about Bill Cantrell a bit later, but for this Item our Hot Shoe is "Jon Peddie" Madison's veteran auto & boat racer.

MCR "shifts racing gears" from words to pictures and presents several Jon Peddie photos:

One -
For many years Jon Peddie drove the Larry Davis Sprinter, and we show Jon in this well-known Madison Race Car at the Anderson Speedway - Anderson, Indiana.

Jon Peddie At The Anderson Speedway

Two -
Next we show Jon Peddie in the Davis Sprinter on the High Banks of the Salem Speedway at Salem, Indiana.

Jon Peddie On The Hills At Salem - Car 96

MCR Staff was acquainted with Al Unser Sr., a 4-time winner of the Indy 500 and National Auto Racing Champion, who drove almost every track in America. Al Sr., made no secret of his dislike of the "Hills of Salem."

Jon Peddie Conquered Salem's Hills!

Three -
Our last photo shows Jon Peddie in his Body Shop surrounded by Memorabilia.

Jon Peddie - 2001

The term or title "Hot Shoe" is the name given to, "only the very best, only the very fastest, and only the most competitive Racers." Jon Peddie personified that designation!

Photos from Joe Johnson's files.

By: Roger Bean

Rare & Select Photos of Madison's "Wild Bill" Cantrell:

Madison's Bill Cantrell Boat & Auto Racer

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- Note "Cantrell's Racing Friends" Immediately Below -

Bill Cantrell's Friend:

Madison Came Running presents a "Classic Photograph" taken on April 13th, 1947 at the Fairgrounds at Franklin, Indiana, and we reproduce it for Graham Heath, Joe Johnson, Jon Peddie and all Madison racing fans of that era.

The driver in the photograph is Leon Hubble, race competitor and friend of Madison's Bill Cantrell and Graham Heath.

Leon Hubble

Leon Hubble is driving a Dirt Track Sprint Car of another era and is being towed by a truck prior to starting a race on the Franklin Track. The Sprint Car is powered by a Ranger airplane engine and was a "crowd pleaser" on racing circuits of yesterday.

Two items are noted in the photograph: The Grandstand and Infield are full, and the Sprint Racing Car (like Bill Cantrell's) has no Roll Cage. "Only the Brave!"

Leon Hubble followed Madison's Bill Cantrell to the High Banks of Salem when it opened West of Madison. He resided in Linton, Indiana.

Drummer Joe & Others - You might want to "right click" on the photo and save it in your historic racing files? It is JPEG.

April 13, 1947 Photo by R. Cline.

Vintage Auto Racing:

Our camera, in June of 1947, was an inexpensive model, but the photos show Sprint Car Racing as it was on "Opening Day" at the Salem Speedway, where Madison's Bill Cantrell raced with those shown in our photos.

Bill Mackey

Clay Corbitt

Clay Corbitt was a "Hot Shoe" -
The title given to Drivers who stood-on-the-gas in Racing Cars from an early and dangerous era. Madison, Indiana Drivers, Jon Peddie & Bill Cantrell (each) earned "Hot Shoe" titles.

A note about Clay Corbitt -
This photo was taken at the line-up of the first Heat Race ever run at Salem, and on the first lap Clay Corbitt, from Cincinnati, Ohio, went over Salem's high bank and did not survive.

"Right Click" on these photos and save them for your file. They are history and have never before been shown.

Classic & Historic Auto Racing Photographs!

Historic Jungle Park


"The Great" Rex Mays

Cliff Begere

Sheldon Kinser & State Trooper - Indy 500 Pits


Henry Ford II Pacing The 1946 Indy 500.

The Snake Pit.

Additional TBA.

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