"Photographer Janice Rajski"

"Clifty Falls State Park"

Indiana's Governor Henry Schricker Called This A "Crick"

There Are, "Trails"

There Are, "Trail-Walkers"

Rock Wall Photo, With "3-D" Effect

"As Time Goes By"

"Clifty Falls"

By Her Trek Though Clifty's Trails, Janice Finds The "1850"
Abandoned Railroad Tunnel Entrance, Known As Brough's Folly.

It Was An Attempt To Build A Shorter, And Not-So-Steep Route,
From Downtown To The Hilltop.

Tunnel Entrance

The Photograph Janice Presents Is Exactly Like A Scene
From The Movie "Madison" Where Jim McCormick And His Son Mike,
Do An "Item" For The Movie.

How Jan's Camera "Sees" The Madison-Milton Bridge:

Bridge Over The Ohio River

Recent Past - Jan's Classic Photos:

"Sunday Morning Coming Down" Kris Kristoferson

"River Of Fire"

"Quiet Time"
"3-D" Affect?

The Photographer:

"Janice Rajski"

May 2016, Notre Dame Section, By Janice Rajski:

Campus Landmark!

Notre Dame Cathedral

Jan's "Special-Personal" Photographs:

Greendale, December - 2010 "Priceless"

Website Manager & Janice

"Granddaughter" Amelia

"Garden Butterfly"

MCR "Shot"

2016 Visit To The French Quarter - New Orleans

Selfie - Cold In South Bend!
Special Jan Rajski Items TBA...