Larry Stewart's Photo Collection

"Bound For Glory"

"And The Town Is Named"
President James Madison


Madison Court House Lawn


Eggleston School Class Of 1915

1959 Sesquicentennial Celebrants Performing On Ohio River Levee

"Back To The Future"

"Yes Virginia There Was A President Madison"

St. Michaels Catholic Church

St. Mary's On East 2nd Street

Then - 2nd Presbyterian Church - East Third

Later - Windle Auditorium

Broadway Fountain & Trinity

Black & White

Christ Episcopal

Not To Forget Yesterdays Hillside Hotel

Hillside Hotel Driveway

Broadway Fountain - A Time Past

Great Card Photo - Another Time Past

"When Madison Was Downtown"

Main Street 1950's Looking East

Main Street 1950's Looking West

"Downtown Post 1940"

Looking East South Side

Looking East South Side Early 70's

Looking East North Side

Looking West North Side

Looking West Toward Trinity Church

Looking East North Side

Looking West North Side

Main Street Fixture North Side

Myrtle Mae's - North Side East Main

South Side East Main - 300 Block

South Side East Main - 100 Block

Splash Of Downtown Color

Trolley Barn Store

Music Store At Night

Main Street At Night

Corner East Main & Jefferson

Exploring Other Madison Notables

1940 Crystal Beach - Front Street Feature

1955 "IKE" West Of Downtown

Early Photo Hillside Hotel

1964 Hillside Hotel Burns

1964 Hillside Hotel Fire

Gas Company - East First Street

Tack Factory - West Second Street

NW Corner Jefferson & East First Streets

Jefferson Street Between 3rd & 5th

Jefferson Street South Of Main

314 Jefferson Street

Mulberry Street Looking South

Mulberry Street Looking North - Note SCR Hotel

301 305 Mulberry Street

800 Block Walnut Street Looking North

Meese Building On St. Michaels Street

Railroad Station - West First - Another Use?

Jefferson County Court House

Jefferson County Court House Entrance

Jefferson County Court House 1930's

Old Jail

"If You Don't Get A Letter Then You'll Know I'm In Jail"

Fair Play Fire Co. East Main Street

Washington Fire House - Third Street

Fire Company 4 - Walnut Street

Then 718 - Now 120 West 3rd

Downtown Madison's Crown Jewel

Lanier 1875

Lanier 1910

Lanier 1950

Front Entrance Lanier 1971

Front Porch Lanier 1971

Rear Entrance Lanier 1971

Neighborhood Homes

Trees Cover The Town

740 West Main North Side

620 West Main North Side

402 West Main North Side

Bruning Carriage House West Side Of Town

East Main South Side

Row House East End Of Main South Side

612 Walnut Street

601 Mulberry Street

119 East Street

416 East 2nd Street

221 West 2nd Street

304 West 2nd Street

West 2nd Street At Elm

510 West 2nd Street

705 West 2nd Street

NW Corner Vine & West 2nd Streets

809 West 2nd Street

Downtown Back Yards

108 East 3rd Street

738 West 3rd Street

747 West 3rd Street

408 East 3rd Street

Special Historic Home

Shrewsbury House West 1st Street

Indside Shrewsbury House

Shrewsbury Circular Stairway "Top To Bottom"

"Madison's Historic Riverfront"

"Centennial" Riverfront Beneath The Hills

Trimble Ferry Completes Ohio River Crossing

The Cincinnati Steams Into Madison

The America Docks At Madison

The Ben Campbell Docks At Madison's Riverfront

The Famous Island Queen At Madison

1924 - Ladies Crossing On Ferry Approaching Madison

"Bound For Glory" Under Construction

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All Photos From Larry Stewart Files.