"Some Came Running"
The Movie Filmed In Madison, Indiana - 1958

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Madison's "Walk Of Fame"

"Some Came Running" Cast

Italian "Some Came Running" Poster

On Madison's Main Street

Extras - Waiting The Call

Parkman Hotel - 1958

Bama's House - 3rd Street

Inside "Bama's" House On 3rd Street

Shirley MacLaine - Color By Barbara Vedrilla

David Puts "The Move" On Gwen In Log Cabin

Cabin Where David Pursues Gwen

Smitty's Bar - Street Fight Location

Smitty's Bar - Street Fight "Movie"

"Smitty's" - Madison Courier Ad

Similar To Last Scene Of "SCR" - Moffett Cemetery

Th actual Angel in the "Last SCR Scene" was a movie prop constructed to been seen as the camera panned the Ohio River & the Madison/Milton Bridge, however this Angel can also be seen as the camera approaches the Cemetery.


Roger Bean Photos with Contributions From:
Billy Hill and The Ohio Theater.

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Celebration 2013

Dave & Ginny At Parkman Bus Stop

Dave Enters Parkman Hotel

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"Some Came Running" Now Available On DVD:
From Ohio Theater In Downtown Madison & Amazon.

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