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The House "AT" Elm Street
Sunlight & Shadows

Season Change

After Dark
Front View

Sunlight Returns
Front View

Winter Concludes
Front View

Late Winter - Corner View
Ready For Spring

Ready For May Flowers
Spring Arrives

Front View

Front View
Sunlight Battles October Shade 2008

Artist Paints The House "AT" Elm Street
Ronald Mack From Brown County Art Guild

Fall 2011
Fall Sunlight & Shadows

November 26, 2011
Ready For Winter

Our "Special House" at the Corner of West Third Street "AT" Elm Street was built in 1834 by Samuel Dobbins.

It was once known as the "Lytle House" - And - The Christian Science Society of Madison, Headquarters and Meeting Facility.

In 1971 it was purchased by its present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Arliss Helton, and the purpose of this page is to present this "Special House" under different seasonal and lighting conditions.

Section Two Of The House "AT" Elm Street

Front Door

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