Madison Business Women

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Carolyn Lopez
"Local Artist"
411 West 2nd Street

Lucy Dattilo
"Something Simple"
East Main Street

Janet Jones
"Hair Essentials"
123 East Main Street

Judy George
Owner Of "The Attic"
631 West Main Street

Stephanie Hellman
"Nice Shots!"
131 East Main Street

Kathie Petkovic
"RiverBoat Inn"
Vaughn Drive - East

Kim Kidwell-Lytle
The Rusted Roots Shop
Clifty Drive

Jan Dye & Deb Fine
"Cocoa Safari"
118 West Main Street

Nancy Gruner
East Main Street

Kelly Misamore
108 East Main Street

Melissa Prickett
"Owner Glass Unlimited"
807 Lanier Drive

Bev Bowen
"Bev's Chateau & Magic Tan"
2503 Michigan Road

Libby Mann
"The Broadway Hotel"
313-317 Broadway Street

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