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Addendum To "A Moment In Time" Continues With Photos And Tributes!

To better understand the purpose of the following presentation, it is suggested Readers review "A Moment In Time" before proceeding. There is a Connection!

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PE 248 "A Moment In Time"

Donald L. Kooken

Infantry Officer WWI, Member of the "Secret Six" that fought Capone in Chicago, Indiana State Police Captain, Professor and Director of the Institute of Crimninal Law Administation at Indiana University, and Member of the State Police Board.

Captain/Professor Kooken's signature is on our Graduation Document, from IU's Institute of Criminal Law Administration, Dated June 17th, 1947. He was certainly a "Gateway" to January 16, 1948.

Speaking Of Indiana University:

Earlier in the writing of "A Moment In Time" we mentioned Tom T. Hall and his award winning county music song, "Thank You Connersville" - If we wrote the next stanza to our version of Tom T. Hall's Song - It would be, "Thank You Indiana University" - Thank you for providing academic tools that we might pursue a dream .

Back To The Future At IU!


IU Student


Events Of 1946 & 1948:

1946 - Indiana University was hit by a tidal wave of several thousand WWII Veterans seeking admission under the GI Bill of Rights. There was no room at the "College Inn" - Thus "GI Freshmen" sought residence, anywhere, even in house trailers and private homes. Our Freshman found a room in a residence on Ballentine Road, not far from the Campus. It was owned by Mrs. William Alexander, whose late husband had been IU's Librarian.

The Memorial Union was "Center" for Campus needs and activities. It housed the book store and cafeteria, and on the way out Memorial Union's front door, we passed the following. Courtesy IU Archives.

1946 - We Are On Campus "Student Dress" Is Noted.

"Campus Life Was Not Complicated"

1946 - Indiana University's President? Dr. Herman B Wells, and we'll see him in the Gallery.

Located - A Couple Of Memories:

Remember the Blue 1946 Chevrolet Coupe mentioned in the Preface of "A Moment In Time" (?) We found a photo of this "Chevy" taken in front of Mrs. Alexanders's home in Bloomington, while Criminal Law Administation studies were underway by its owner, and it was his transportation between Bloomington and Ripley County.

1946 Chevrolet Parked On Ballentine Road

Another "Special Interest" entered this story, and the Coupe had one additional assignment before being sold for other needs - It took a Rookie Trooper and his new wife on a 1948 Honeymoon in the Great Smokey Mountains, then returned him to State Police Duties in Franklin County, Indiana.

Copy From "1948" Snapshot
Rita A. Cline

Standing near Norris Dam, Tennessee with Norris Lake in the Background, and she did not know, in the future, she would be named "Mayor" of West Richmond.

Indiana University Clock Moves Forward To The 1970's:

Indiana University established a "Satellite" Campus in the basement of Carpenter Hall on the Campus of Earlham College in Richmond, plus they offered the curriculum to earn an Associate of Science in Law Enforcement.

It was time for PE 248 to re-enter the Student Body of IU and add to his Two Year Certificate from IU's Criminal Law Institute, earned in 1947.

1970 - PE 248, indeed, re-entered, and two years later Graduated in Ceremonies held at the First Presbyterian Church on North A Street In Richmond. IU East, at that time, had not established its present Campus on Chester Boulevard.

Dr. Frederick Grohsmeyer was IU East Director, Dr. John Ryan was Indiana University President, and Dr. Herman B Wells was now Indiana University's Chancellor.

From Indiana University News Bureau:

Captain Robert Cline, Commander of Area Four of the Indiana State Police,
received an Associate of Science Degree of Law Enforcement at the IU East
Commencement in Richmond. IU Chancellor Herman B Wells Officiated.
Mrs. Cline and their Daughter, Amanda, were present.

If only we could remember Dr. Wells' remark that elicited laughter? Even the Chancellor is smiling!
Indiana University Titled Their Story,"Cop-Out"

Is It Really 1980?

"The General Lectures The Colonel" On IU Basketball:

In our files we found a photograph of Robert Montgomery Knight, as he prepares to give the Graduation Address at the 1980 Indiana State Police Recruit School final ceremonies.

Coach Knight is saying, "I would give up a lot of engagements for the privilege of speaking before Indiana's Troopers" - Well that day was surely memorable for Coach, the Graduating Class, and PE 248.

Coach Bob Knight - Straight Talk

His "Coaching Philosophy" - Produce Or Sit On The Bench! - Seems To Fit Life?

Fall 1981 - Our Personage Returns To Indiana University East And Pursues Goal:

Indiana University became a conduit in our life, in 1946, and we proudly stood on Main Street, in Osgood, displaying an Indiana University "T" Shirt. A Bachelors Degree was ever-present in our design for the future.

The Future Became Now:

Evening Shade Falls Upon "New Bachelor"

The date was May 13th 1983, Dr. Glenn Goerke was Chancellor of IUE, and we credit Dr. Frederick Grohsmeyer and Dr. Joe Blake, who guided us to a Bachelor's Degree with a Social Science Concentration .

Indiana University Alumni Surprise:

Back To The Past:

A number of years ago while walking through a room at Indiana University's Bloomington Campus, Honoring "Special Alumni" Such as Hoagy Carmichael, Governor Paul McNutt, Dr. Otis Bowen, and many others. It was like standing in the Midst of IU's History; an awesome experience!

"There's Always The Unexpected!"

During Spring of 1999 a letter came to 345 McCormick Lane, in Madison, notifying "We" had been selected to receive a "Distinguished Almuni Award" from Indiana University and arrangements should be made to attend Graduation Ceremonies at Indiana University East on May 14, 1999 to receive the Award.

The letter directed "We" would be a Member of the Platform Party at Ceremonies Presided over by Myles Brand, President of Indiana University and David J. Fulton, Chancellor Indiana University East.

The Ceremony:

Distinguished Alumni Award & Recipient


To conclude and document the events of May 14, 1999 Amanda Ferris presents two "snapshots" of her Father, taken from her seat in the Auditorium during Graduation Ceremonies.

Smiling Attendee On Stage (XX)

Honoree Addresses Graduating Class

Indiana University East Alumni, and their Director of Alumni Relations, Bette Davenport, will be forever in our thoughts for arranging this "once-in-a-lifetime" happening on that Memorable Evening in 1999.

Hometown Newspaper Item Concludes This Section Of The Gallery
The Osgood Journal

Back To Work:

Post Indiana State Police & Indiana University Years

The First Stop:

During the latter months of 1982, we were recruited by Winona Memorial Hospital, on North Meridian Street in Indianapolis, to re-build their Hospital Security Department. Winona was founded by the late Dr. Joseph Walther and was, at that time, a model for Healthcare Facilities.

Winona Memorial Hospital

Hospital Security Logo
Winona Memorial Hospital Security

Indiana State Government Calls!

We were elected President of the Winona's Department Administrative Council (DAC) when the Office of Governor Robert Orr called offering a position within the newly created Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The task offered was Director of Criminal Investigations for this new agency.

Leaving Winona after four years was not an easy choice, but the sale of Winona, by Dr. Walther, to an out-of-state organization seemed to predict the Hospital's future would change and not always in a positive manner.

Dr. Walther chose to devote his time and energy to seeking a cure for cancer after losing his wife to the disease and, in so doing, created the Walther Cancer Institute. Joseph E. Walther, M.D., was an exceptional man!

The Second Stop:

Returning To State Government
The Indiana Department Of Environmental Management

IDEM was formed under Title 13 of the Indiana Code, and within this Act an Office to Conduct Criminal Investigations was created that became operational in August of 1986 when a Director and four experienced criminal investigators from the Law Enforcement Community came on-line.

Robert Cline is Director, and where's a great place to obtain experienced investigators? Why, the Indiana State Police of course, and Chuck Taylor, Jim Lynch, and Leon Griffith, along with Tom Sak from the NW Region, joined and rapidly became acquainted with Indiana's Environmental Crime Laws.

The Chase Was On!

IDEM Crime Investigators "Teamed-Up" with State Police Units to pursue Indiana's First Environmental Crime Case, and this joint-effort payed off when the C&M Plating Company of Roanoke, Indiana was charged with Criminal Violations estimated to have caused in excess of $10,000,000.00 damages to Ronaoke's City Utilities.

C&M Plating Company - Roanoke, Indiana

A successful Environmental Crime Case relies on scientific sampling and analysis of questionable materials and substances by IDEM Chemists.

IDEM Scientists Sample Hazardous Materials

The investigation, indictment, arrest, prosecution, and conviction of C&M Plating Managment Personnel was a first for Indiana in the Field of Environmental Crime, and we take this moment to recognize a State Police F/Sergeant, turned (IDEM) Investigator, who was critical to this case.

Director's Handshake
Jim Lynch & Bob Cline

As we completed our tour at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the Criminal Office Tallied 549 Felony Counts and 43 Misdemeanors, from its investigative efforts. We not only give credit to Field Investigators for their efforts, we acknowledge Commissioner Nancy Maloley who, along with Deputy Commissioner Dave Wagner, set The Indiana Department of Environmental Management Offices in motion.

Commissioner Nancy Maloley & R. Cline

Our final year at IDEM, we served as Chairman of the Midwestern Environmental Enforcement Association, based in a suburb of Chicago - Involving several Midwest States. It seemed a busy time!

The Trek South To Madison:

Stop Number Three:

The Year Is 1992 - Looks Like We May Be "Returning" To College?


A few weeks following the arrival in Madison we received a request from Hanover College to study their Security & Safety needs and perhaps make recommendations for a new Security Department?

The task was completed, and during a meeting with Hanover College President, Dr. Russell Nichols, he expressed his vision for a College Security Department; saying it must provide 24 Hour Campus Coverage and the word Police was to be in its Title. He then asked if we would design and build a Security Department for Hanover College?

Offer Accepted!

"Hanover College Security Police" was suggested and agreed upon by the President's Staff who wanted the new organization launched prior to the September 2, 1992 opening date for Hanover. It was the middle of August.

Ohio River Overlook:

Hanover College is a Private, Coeducational Liberal Arts College affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. It was founded in 1827 and is the Oldest Private College in Indiana. The College is located in Southeastern Indiana on 650 acres overlooking the Ohio River, seven miles West of Madison.

View For The College "Point"

HCSP Is Born:

President Nichols' deadline set a lot of wheels in motion, and items to address prior to putting "Officers On Campus" as one thousand students arrived Labor Day included; personnel selection, uniforms, vehicle acquisition, and several basic operational procedures necessary to launch "1992's Hanover College Security Police" - Deadline was met.

Hanover College Security Police - Has Its Own Identification:

From Our Computer

Photo Op'

Campus Security Police

Left to right: Dan Slygh, Allen Dew, R. Cline, Debbie Kroger, Mike Sims, and Adam Bullock. Later additions were Wayne Phillips and Yancy Denning. Read on to see how they progressed.

PE 248 & HCSP Is Proud Of Department Alumni:

Adam Bullock became a State Police Trooper. Dan Slygh, Wayne Phillips, and Yancy Denning were recruited by Madison Police Department and continue to excel in their respecive assignments. Mike Sims became a Police Dispatch Coordinator.

Debbie Kroger remains at HC and is President of the Hanover Town Council, and Allen Dew remains with the College Department. He was one of the most loyal and dedicated employees in this writer's experience. R. Cline retired and studied to become a Webmaster, and that's why/how you are seeing this Item.

HC Students Say He Is Hanover's Most Famous Grad/Alumni:

We're writing about Woody Harrelson, in this segment of our Hanover College Journey, and here's a few Bio Items. Woody was born in Midland, Texas on July 23, 1961 and grew up in Lebanon, Ohio. He entered Hanover College in 1979 on a Presbyterian Scholarship and graduated with Degrees in Theatre Art and English in 1983.

Woody Harrelson moved to New York City to pursue an acting career and was named understudy to Matthew Broderick in "Biloxi Blues" - The stage production by writer Neil Simon. A few months later he was cast as "Woody" in the hit Television Series, Cheers.

Reasons for featuring Woody Harrelson - He returned to Hanover in 1993 to participate in a special production of a play called "The Diviners" in Parker Auditorium, and he May Be (?) Hanover's Best Know Alumni.

Woody Performed Here - As Student & Returning Alumni:

Parker Auditorium

The Hanover Campus Security Police found Woody Harrelson to be warm and friendly toward us, as we worked to make his return visit both safe & pleasant.

Woody Harrelson - 1993

Woody Left Us The Following:


Party Time!

The HCSP Staff surprised Rita Cline and The Campus Police Chief with a party/celebration on their 50th Wedding Anniversary - Oh Yes - It was a work day, but much appreciated.

Rita Cline - Bob Cline - 1998

Like Hank Snow's great County Music Hit - "Movin' On" - It was time for us do the same at Hanover College. A Department was built for President Russell Nichols, and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy had accepted our Hanover College Police Manual as a staple for the LETA Library.

In 1999, Indiana University nominated RC for their Distinguished Alumni Award, citing Indiana State Police Service and the years at Hanover College as, among several, reasons for the nomination.

Thank you Dr. Nichols for the opportunity of serving Hanover College, and thank you and Dr. Kindelsberger for your kind letter, as we retired. There were so many outstanding people and professors, like Dr. Paul Blume, and only a couple of scoundrels. To paraphrase Tom T. Hall's Hit Song, "Thank You Hanover College" -

Where Do We Go From Here? Let's See.


Leaving Hanover College, the next stop was Madison's Public Library to catch-up on a lot of missed reading, and one book of special interest was "Some Came Running" by James Jones, made into a movie at Madison in 1958.

"Some Came Running"

Serviceman, Dave Hirsh/Frank Sinatra, returns to his hometown of Parkman/Madison, and confronts a series of situations including Bama Dillert, played by Dean Martin and Ginny Morehead, played by Shirley MacLaine, plus much more.

Opening Scene
"Dave & Ginny" Arrive In "Parkman"

"Some Came Running" - It's available on VHS now and probably DVD soon. You'll find it to be a great story with some of Hollywood's finest actors in a screenplay directed by Vincente Minnelli, Liza's father. See if you agree Dean Martin, in the role of Bama Dillert, steals the show?

How does this "fit" - Stay tuned - It does.

HTML Computer Language Lessons:

The Website "Old Madison" asked Readers to send photos for display on their front page, and we submitted the following photograph taken in 1999 during the filming of "Madison" the Movie. The Website printed our "Miss Madison" photo, and Roger Bean Surfaced.

Actor Jim Caviezel As U6 Driver Jim McCormick
1971 Vintage Hydroplane Used In The Movie "Madison"

Old Madison's Webmaster Makes An Offer:

Would I be interested in writing a news page for the "Old Madison" Website and learn some basic HTML Computer Language Skills? Seemed like a way to improve one's travels through the Streets of Madison, and a page called "The Connection" was launched and written by, this someone named, Roger Bean.

We soon learned HTML Language and Microsoft Word were as different as night and day, but we bought a book titled HTML for Dummies and with JB's help wrote a number "Connection-News" Issues. Then we noticed Ivy Tech College offered a semester/course - "Building Internet WebPages" - Could we do it ourself? We signed up.

Hello Ivy Tech!

"Roger Bean's Your New Student"

The Course-Instructor was Former Marine, now Minister of the Gospel, Mike Furey. The class liked him and his teaching style, and through the next 12 weeks Mike Furey introduced his class to Hypertext Markup Language, plus using tables and any number of tools to create a Website in YAHOO!

Mike Furey's final exam was for each student to "Choose A Title" then use all the aforementioned, to build an online Personal Website for his review.

Taking our Cue from the MGM Movie "Some Came Running" made in Madison, Indiana during 1958, the Website "Madison Came Running" was born. The transference is shown in the following photos.

"The Idea Started Here"

"The Idea Became A WebSite Here"

Close look at each of the above Items reveals a "Glimpse" of the Ohio River Valley - 1st Photograph, out the Bus Window & 2nd Photograph, through the Bridge Girders.

Madison Came Running.Com:

Madison Came Running is the Internet Pictorial of Downtown Madison, Indiana. Our page features the Downtown & the Riverfront, plus People, Places and Things connected to this "City Beneath The Hills" on the Ohio River in Southern Indiana.




Designing and writing a WebSite allows "Roger Bean" the vehicle and opportunity to create/build something a bit "different" - Different from a Criminal Justice Life that began in the Spring of 1946 and, in some way, perhaps still exists in our thought/writing process, even today.

The "Launching" - not necessarily a play on words - of Madison Came Running, at first and even now, often features the Ohio River and those Magnificent Steamboats plying the waters flowing past Madison's Riverfront.

Examples From Madison Came Running.Com "Steam Boat" Gallery:

Those Magnificent Steam Boats
Delta Queen & Mississippi Queen Docked At Madison

Maybe This River-Traffic-Shot Underlines This Section?
Tug Pushes Barges Past Madison's Riverfront

Webmaster Comment:

By "our dedication" to the Madison Came Running Website - We solicite Readers from all parts of the World, especially if they see Downtown Madison, Indiana as the special place we believe it to be.

The MCR Website has several features, and they can be found on the Left and/or Right Mast of the Main Page. Madison Came Running invites "Readers" to visit the features, where they will find MCR's, perhaps unusual, assortment of People, Places and Things.

One Of Those Features - State Police Memorial For Line-Of-Duty Deaths:

Madison Came Running Website - Right Mast.

From 1933 to 2007, Forty-Four (44) Members of The State Police Department have been killed in the Line-Of-Duty, and we present our photograph of the Department's Memorial to their service.

"These Are Our Departed Comrades"

The Memorial is located near the State Police Museum, on Indy's East Side, and PE 248 notes "knowning" twenty-seven of those honored. We point out several names on the Memorial had ties to our places of residence - Osgood, Brookville, Richmond, Indianapolis and Madison.

Trooper's Toughest Assignment!

This is one of a few "Mast-Items" we will single out for emphasis!


Not On Either Mast - But Essential To Our Moment In Time:

There are those who leave un-removable traces upon our sands-of-time and deserve Top Banana Billing in any moment or document in which we take, or become, center stage.


A. M. Cline

Emily H. Cline

A. M. Cline was a Veteran of the 1st. Division in France during World War I, Member of the DAV, Telegrapher on the B&O Railroad, Manager of the Osgood A&P Store, and Owner of the Court House Inn at Versailles.

His Uniform Proudly Displayed:



Emily Cline was a Housewife and Piano Teacher in Osgood. Among her students was Betty Rutherford wife of Three Time Indianapolis 500 Mile Race Winner, Johnny Rutherford.

In addition to giving piano lessons to "Half of Osgood" - including Betty Rutherford, plus serving as Librarian at the Osgood Library, Emily Cline is seen attending Indiana University East Graduation of her son in 1972.

Rita - Emily - Robert - Amanda

From Arley & Emily To Rita & Mandy - Then Beyond:

Rita Cline - The Address Was 310 Carol Drive - Richmond, Indiana.

There is no one more important to this and our previous "Moment In Time" Item than our personage depicted in this next section of "Memories" & The Gallery.

The year was 1956, and Rita joined the "Welcome Wagon" Organization, traveling to New York City for "Welcome Wagon" special training. After-hours, she attended the Dorsey Brothers Television Show, at the CBS Theater in Times Square, where the guest performer was a rising star from Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley.

Goodbye Elvis & Hello "Welcome Wagon" Of Richmond, Indiana!

"A Beginning"

Welcome Wagon is a new-homeowner and residence-change marketing company, located in Plainview, New York. In Richmond, Indiana Welcome Wagon, in 1956, was sponsored by Kurdy's Chevrolet and featured two full-time Hostesses making visits to Richmond Residents.

Rita hits-the-ground-running for Welcome Wagon, Kurdy's Chevrolet, and her many "WW" Sponsors; and the following photograph shows the owner of Kurdy's Chevrolet presenting vehicle keys to Welcome Wagon Hostesses of Richmond.

From 1956 Color Slide
Rita Cline - On The Right

From "Welcome Wagon Years" To Notable Success!

Becoming Famous
"Mayor" Of West Richmond

Winning Awards
Top Salesperson Lingle Real Estate

Along With Governor Ed Whitcomb & Governor Otis Bowen, He's One Of Rita's Favorite Hoosiers!

Lieutenant Governor John Mutz

The Inscription Says, "Best Wishes & Thanks To Rita, John M. Mutz Lt. Governor"

How/Why Rita Entered Politics:

On the Eleventh Day of December, 1967, Rita was in Hooks Drug Store in West Richmond, Indiana and had occasion to meet the author of the following book; Indiana's Secretary of State, Edgar D. Whitcomb.

"Rita's Challenge"

Ed Whitcomb gave Rita a copy of his book. She read it and said, "I'm going to help this man be nominated and elected Governor of the State of Indiana" - She Did! & He Won!




Two Winners - Rita & Ed Whitcomb!

Suffice to say, Rita had a long, varied, and successful business and public service career in West Richmond and Wayne County, Indiana. Her family and friends are quite proud of both her private and public contribution in this sector of Eastern, Indiana.

Rita's notable public service began, during World War II, when she served as a member of the Army's Jefferson Proving Ground Security Force; assigned driver/escort for both civilian and military personnel with Official Business South of JPG's Firing Line.

1944 JPG Photograph
Auxiliary Military Police Jefferson Proving Ground

From The Above 1944 JPG Photograph
Rita Holzer Of Versailles & Juanita King Of Kent

Returning To "Mandy's Mom" From Billings To Madison

"Mayor" was also an Artist, and she carried this skill to the Mid-1990's in Madison, Indiana. Al Jolson once said, "Folks You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!" That best describes her many stained glass creations, but for this section it's a special Indiana University Lamp!

Cream & Crimson
Made Especially For Coach Bob Knight!

Mayor's "Four Namers" (you know who you are) realize Madison Came Running approaches the conclusion of Rita's Section in "Memories" - "Check-Out" the next photos to evidence her Greatest Lifetime Contribution.



"A.M. Returns!"

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